Day 4…. Konstanz to Bad Zurzach

After the thunderstorm, we had a beautiful day to start our adventure on the Eurovelo 15 (aka Rhine Radweg). We left at 0845 after getting everything and everybody ready to go! It was an interesting day to say the least!!! Let’s start with the positives…. did I say this area was beautiful? It is BEAUTIFUL!! […]

Day 3….On to Konstanz and the start!

We loaded the cargo van with our bikes last night so this morning we had a bit more time. Breakfast was at 630 and because it was such a beautiful morning, we ate out on the patio. Blue skies and a cool breeze made for a great way to start the day. It was a […]

Day Two…. Back to Frankfurt

Today was an early morning… 6 am wake up. We repacked and loaded the van before breakfast. A hard boiled egg, brötchen (hard roll) and assorted meats was the typical Frühstück (breakfast) for me today. Then Marsh and I took off for Frankfurt. We had a couple of traffic slowdowns (ein Stau) so that slowed […]

Day One…. Frankfurt

The flight from Detroit was uneventful….boarded the plane, got settled in, took a nap at takeoff. Then dinner was served. While eating dinner, I started watching a documentary about the band Chicago… actually, it was pretty interesting! It made me want to go back and rip some of my old CDs… but then I realized […]

On the way….

Well, it has started! I got to the airport at a little after 7 and breezed through check in and security (although I did get the pat down). Once I got to the gate, the principal reason for leaving a day early come into play….. the flight was oversold!! And they were offering some serious […]

Almost time…..

Yes, it’s almost time to head for Europe. A 15 day, 12 day on the bike, cycling tour. 800 miles along the Rhine River from Switzerland to the North Sea. Check back in coming days for pictures and updates!!