Day 12 and the trip home…

Day 12 was a great day for everyone else in our group but for me it meant another day of work!!! We all went to breakfast at 0630 and then loaded up the van and I took everyone to the Frankfurt airport. Terminal 1 was the first stop to let one off then circling the […]

Day 11 – Day 8 Riding

The LAST day of riding! From Hattersheim…. we made it to the confluence of the Main River and the Rhine River. Just across the Rhine lies the town of Mainz. We got an early start at 8 am so we could finish and get the bikes turned back in at the bike shop that maintains […]

Day 10 – Day 7 Riding

Today was a nice ride from Bavaria into Hesse…. 47 miles. While we had gotten some rain last night, we had none today and it was a gorgeous day! We had a great breakfast this am and at 9 am we were ready to go!We rode about 12 miles for a break with coffee and […]

Day 9 – Day 6 Riding

Today was a short day… 30 miles from Miltenberg to Aschaffenburg. The day started out nice…. clear and 57° with some fog down by the river. We were supposed to get rain by about 2 pm. So we decided to hit it and beat the rain. The day started out beautifully! The Church….morning view from […]

Day 8 – Day 5 Riding

Today’s ride was a 66 mile ride (our longest on this tour) from Karlstadt. It really is my favorite day of the ride… very flat over all and beautiful and unique scenery. Because of the length of the ride and due to the fact that we wanted to get to the Wine Fest in Miltenberg, […]

Day 7 – Day 4 Riding

Today was a ride from Volkach to Karlstadt…. 58 miles. We went through 3 larger towns…. Kitzingen, Ochsenfurt and Würzburg. And we had lots of beautiful scenery as well…. First off, we rode to our first stop in Kitzingen where we hit a coffee shop bakery, Rösner’s Backstube. Nice view of the city. Great selection […]

Day 6 – Day 3 Riding

Today was a 55 mile ride from Bamberg to Volkach. This ride would have 3 breaks in it because of visits to relatives. We first rode the 16 miles to Haßfurt where we stopped for coffee and pastries. On the way to Haßfurt we visited a very nice pilgrimage church Wallfahrtakirche Maria Limback. Once in […]

Day 5- Day 2 riding

Day Two riding was from Lichtenfels to Bamberg…. 30 miles…. We called it “West Hill Jersey Day” “But the short 30 miler turned out to be a little different. There were a lot of areas where the trail was closed for repairs that made us detour a bit. That slowed us down a bit but […]

Day 4 in Germany- Day 1 Riding

Today we started our 8 day, 360 mile ride (and in case you might thing we do ONLY these kind of rides, we also have 6 day, 180 mile rides too). We planned to leave Bayreuth at about 930 heading for Lichtenfels. The day started a bit chilly… Breakfast was at 700 but they had […]

Day 3…..To The Start…..

Today we needed to head to our start town of Bayreuth, 3 hours or so to the East of Frankfurt. We loaded up all our things in the Cargo Van…. bags and 5 bikes… and headed off. Not a bad trip…There was some construction on the Autobahn as we went but not horribly bad. One […]