Rüdesheim to Hattersheim 25 May

Heading out on the last day, we were excited to be having their Adventure come to an end.   But there was much more to experience….. You know, like they always say, it’s not a matter of IF something is going to happen, it’s a matter of WHEN.   Rain, forgetting to unclip and falling over, flat tires….. something!!   Well, […]

Koblenz to Rüdesheim 24 May

Well…. Remember the No Rain part of today’s weather report?   Surprise!!!!   It was raining when we got up  and it continued until 930ish when we decided to head out.   The clouds were breaking up, the sun was peeking through and it looked like we would dodge a bullet.   So we started off…. But no sooner had we started riding […]

Cochem to Koblenz 23 May

So…. I ended yesterdays Blog with this….. “Tomorrow, we’re going to try to beat the forecasted rain by 1 pm.  If we can get started by 0830 we may make it!!”   The rain chances looked horrible last night….90% early in the morning.  We planned to leave early and beat the rain.  We got up and at 7 am there […]

Enkirch to Cochem 22 May

Today is a 32 mile day to Cochem.  It’s a beautiful town as well as having a castle overlooking the city.  I woke up today at 0630 for a 0800 breakfast and a planned departure at 0930.  It looked a little scary right off the bat with low clouds hanging over the vineyards.  But the clouds lifted […]

Bernkastel-Kues to Enkirch 21 May

The day started as usual… breakfast at 0800.  Nice selection of treats!  But when we went outside to load our luggage, I was struck by two things we hadn’t encountered so far this trip…. 57° temperature, cloudy and a strong wind.  Jackets rapidly came out of bags and even some undershirts by some.  We started […]

Trier to Bernkastel-Kues 20 May

Plan of the Day – It’s 66° this morning with a high expected to be 81° and thunderstorm chances start at 2 pm and max at around 5 pm.  We should be done by that time.We’ll plan to start riding around 1000 and stop for coffee/pastries about 1 1/2 hours in to the ride.Dinner tonight […]

Trier 19 May

And the Adventure continues!  I’m sure everyone was tired last night because they didn’t make it to breakfast until after 730!  Departure was planned for 0900 so I guess they all felt they could sleep in.   After the hearty breakfast, we loaded the vans with bags and people and headed off for Trier, Germany, our […]

Frankfurt 18 May

What’s up today you ask?  Today was an arrival day for the “Main Body” and “Bike Day”.   So what does that mean exactly?  Today was the day that the guests were required to fly into Frankfurt.   The first couple made it to the hotel by 7 am, just shortly before I got down for breakfast!!  So we had breakfast together […]

Frankfurt 17 May

I know, I know….. you’re worried that you’ve missed a day in this Adventure.  Well, here’s the story about Tuesday….. I think I left off Monday’s edition of the blog with me walking to the gate to board my flight to Frankfurt.  So let’s start there…. Boarding was a non-event.  With the new facial scanning […]

T Minus 34 Hours….

Today was a day to finish up loose ends around the house, do some laundry and start packing. This is a little different than my usual trips lasting only a week to 10 days. This time I’ll be gone a day short of a month! So not only do I have to pack clothes I […]