Stage 5 – Miltenberg to Hattersheim – 75 miles

Today was a day I was facing with a little trepidation. 75 miles is one thing but rain was in the forecast and because of the heat, they were predicting thunderstorms for late in the day. So we decided we’d get a good jump and leave Miltenberg by 830 am.  Swans in the river I […]

Stage 4 – Karlstadt to Miltenberg – 66 miles

WHY DO WE RIDE??That’s a great question…..why DO we ride? Well, I can tell you why I ride…. I ride because of BEAUTIFUL DAYS just like today! Today was a 66 mile ride from Karlstadt to Miltenberg, both are smaller towns on the Main River, often frequented by the River Cruises (Viking and all the […]

Stage 3 – Volkach to Karlstadt – 60 miles

Today’s blog is to make you all jealous and wish you came along. What a great day!!Beautiful little village! Today was totally different than yesterday!!! Remember, yesterday started with rain and ended hot and humid? Today was fantastic! Blue skies, 65 degrees in the morning to start, ended with the same blue skies and only […]

Stage 2 – Bamberg to Volkach – 56 miles

We woke up this morning after a good nights sleep and had a good breakfast. Amazing how the little things give you enjoyment!   We took our time getting ready….. We got ready to go at 0830 but by then it started to drizzle a little. Some of us didn’t think to bring rain gear […]

Stage 1 – Bayreuth to Bamberg – 70 miles

Well, for a plan going off as good as possible, that was today! 70 mile ride in 9 hours…. plenty of rest stops in the 2nd half of the ride. And it was hot!! 88°, bright Sun, some headwinds. Suffice it to say, we were glad to get in!! Today, because I’m still tired, I’ll […]

At the Start….. Bayreuth 

Bayreuth…. home of Richard Wagner. Remember him?      “The Ring of the Nibelung” ring a bell?       OR what about where I developed my love of Wagnerian Opera…. from the Bugs Bunny cartoon “What’s Opera, Doc?”  ( Ah, yes, Bayreuth….. and the opera houses here.   The Margravial Opera House is an […]

The Team is Complete!!

Today is the day we gather all the “lost sheep” together and start heading to the first real overnight.   Our first group came into Frankfurt without any trouble. Since we have to wait till the next (and last) group comes in at 1250, we came back to the hotel to relax a bit and have […]

Friday…. 26 May 2017

Oh boy….. this is a blog for the ages!! A telephone call early woke me up a bit sooner than I wanted. One of the riders called with bad news…. their flight was delayed with a mechanical problem. Apparently a rubber band broke on the propeller and they needed to fly something in from Timbuktu. […]

A Trip to the South West…..

Today was another wonderful day!  Nice and warm, no rain, bright blue skies.   We decided today we’d go south to evaluate the area closer to Switzerland for next year’s ride.  The Rhine bike trail is supposed to meander from the Swiss Alps where the headwaters of the Rhine springs forth, across northern Switzerland into […]