In 73 hours we’ll be touching down in Frankfurt to begin our next BG Adventures tour, the Mosel River Ride.

The Mosel River is a quite well known area… sitting in the Western part of Germany, west of the Rhine River, the “modern” history of the Mosel dates back to the Roman times when they ruled this area of Europe. And, as the Romans were wont to do, they brought grapes, and wine, to this region.

The Mosel is one of the world’s premier wine producing regions due to the abundance of rich soil and hillsides perfect for viticulture.

Our ride will begin in the town of Trier, an old Roman town with the old gate, the Porta Nigra, a major tourist attraction.

From Trier, we will follow the Mosel through the towns of Bernkastel-Cues, Enkirch, Cochem and Koblenz where the Mosel joins the Rhine River at the Deutsches Eck or “German Corner”. We’ll follow the Rhine River upstream to the City of Mainz where we will turn east and head to Frankfurt following the Main River.